IMPERFECT IS THE NAME OF BALIVA'S FORTHCOMING ALBUM PRODUCED BY GRAMMY WINNING PRODUCER TONY STONE, WES PENDLETON AND MASH UNIT. Rappers include the legendary Jahaziel, gifted young mc's like Mellvilous & preacher. Soulful singers like Chicago's Natalie Oliveri, Jon Sewell, RocStarr and many more.


"Got to Go" is the first single from the album featuring vocals from Jon Sewell and produced by Wes Pendleton. 


It has been said that all paths lead to glory; hip-hop artist Baliva is living proof of that very statement.  Born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Baliva spent his youth honing his skills in a talented R&B act and quickly gained attention in the local music-scene with the group’s first single “Love Is Magic,” receiving an enthusiastic response from fans & national radio airplay. In 2001, Baliva moved across the world to London to study media-production and throw himself entirely into his pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist.  All the while moving forward with his studies and refinement of his beloved musical-craft, he was struggling on a personal level and becoming more disillusioned with life.

At his lowest point, despite the support, love, accolades and progress – on the inside Baliva was left feeling empty and hollow inside. In what became the most pivotal time in his life,  Baliva became a Christian and found a new purpose for his life. Baliva took advice from those urging him to use his amazing rapping skills for a greater-good.  Combining his faith with his ability to connect with people through his rap-lyrics – Baliva began to make music to inspire people and has never looked back since.

Since discovering his true calling, Baliva has worked with several big names in the industry, including Mobo Award winning artist Jahaziel, Grammy-Award winning producer Tony Stone, Ooberfuse, Cross Beam and many others.  With his hard-work ethic and heart in the right place, his music-career has been hitting full-stride with more support from fans than ever before. 

“It's so great to see an artist with a mission not just trying to make a name for themselves” 
M-brio Music

Baliva has spent the last few years performing around the UK.  He has been seen and heard putting positivity and love onto the mic on street corners and venues like the The O2 Academy Inslington, and well-known events like London Lyricist Lounge, Bright Lights & Pentecost festivals.

"Baliva is a fabulous rap artist who makes a splash with audiences every time he hits a stage. His slick rhyming style has won him many plaudits"  - Big Fat Toothbrush Magazine.

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign fuelled by the enthusiasm and support from fans locally and worldwide – Baliva is set to release his upcoming third album titled Imperfect.  Watch out for this incredible soulful hip-hop artist as he to continues to empower people to live lives filled with hope, courage and freedom.

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